One of Centrepieces' most loyal members reveals how the charity helped him turn his life around.

I began attending Centrepieces when it was based at the Crayford Centre, about twelve years ago. I found out about it through a discussion about the art groups at Crayford when I was in Bexley Hospital. I was there because I was not able to cope on my own. I was out of control at home and my parents couldn’t handle me. They thought I would be better off in Bexley until I was more stable. In the end, I was in there for about four or five years.

Since leaving hospital, I have grown in confidence and have made a lot of friends at Centrepieces and MIND in Bexleyheath. I have a new way of living: I re-live my thoughts and ask, ‘Why did it all happen the way it did?’ The good thing is, though, I got to start a new life.

I have been attending groups at the Lodge in Hall Place regularly since Centrepieces moved here. They’ve given me the inspiration to do more and more art, which is brilliant and inspiring.

I go to the sculpture group and have made some really good models out of clay, like Morph (pictured above). I also go to the art classes where I have been working in many different mediums and styles. I’ve learnt so much.

I still sometimes suffer with anxiety, but coming to the Lodge I always feel better. It occupies me and takes away the worry.

Two of Jeremy's mixed media compositions, 'Dudley' and 'The Cat'.

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