Be Different - Art in Hall Place Gardens

Artist: Christie Cassisa  --

Using a tree that has shed its leaves during the winter, project artist, Christie Cassisa, covered the bark with coloured tissue paper using water as the adhesive.  The result was a tree which stands out from the others, promoting our uniqueness and embracing our colourful differences. 

The project was not without its difficulties: inclement weather, strong winds, and the glue-repelling property of the tree's moss made the task of adhering the coloured tissue paper particularly challenging.
Though the decorated tree is dazzingly bright, the vivid greens and yellows of the tree's ornamented branches beautifully complemented the colder, more muted greens, browns and greys of the winter landscape.
A great thank you is afforded to everyone who volunteered their time and efforts to help make this project such a success!

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Never Forget - Art in Hall Place Gardens

Artist: Christie Cassisa --

Made from materials of clay and earth from the surrounding area, the sculpture was left to gradually deteriorate in the winter weather: a poignant reflection of today’s war-torn, troubled world.

"I realised that the deterioration of the two little figures is actually quite beautiful, and the sculpture has been a success. I am so excited that people have been moved to think more deeply and are understanding how it illustrates the psychological changes and shocks that people experience in the reality of war. I have learnt so much about why we remember, about people, and about myself, and I continue to learn. It has been very inspiring!”

- Project artist, Christie Cassisa

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Drawing the Line - Art in Hall Place Gardens

Artist: Karen Larkin --

Bundles of colourful leaves were collected from Hall Place Gardens and pinned into the hedges using twigs to create an evolving display.

“We have really enjoyed working together on this piece, it has been quite a journey – soul searching and chatting to the public about life, family, and art. We will return to the site over several weeks and record how our line gradually disappears as the weather clears away our playthings and puts the year to bed. Thank you to everyone who supported us and gave us all the wonderful feedback.”

-      Project artists, Karen Larkin and Christie Cassisa

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Word Webs - Art in Hall Place Gardens

Artist: Kim Campbell --

Inspired by the children’s book Charlotte’s Web, “Word Webs” involves webs made of various materials and attached to trees around the site, spelling out words, poems or phrases to invoke contemplation, rumination and whimsy!


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Canaletto at the Queen's Gallery

A group of Centrepieces artists and friends visited the Queen's Gallery in London on 6th November 2017 by invitation, to see the current exhibition of paintings by Italian artist Canaletto (1697-1768) and to take part in a drawing workshop led by Emma Finch, one of the gallery's artists.

We were given a quick talk about Canaletto, then we went into the exhibition to look at some of Canaletto's paintings of Venice and Rome. We were all asked to choose a painting that we liked, and to draw or sketch part of it ourselves.

 Fortified by royal tea and biscuits, we were shown how to trace our drawings and make them into a double image, then add other pictures and buildings alongside. Some brilliant pictures were produced.

Afterwards we had the opportunity to see the rest of the exhibition, or have fun with the Canaletto props. Many thanks to the Queen's Gallery and Emma for a very enjoyable afternoon.

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Centrepieces Visit to the Turner Contemporary Gallery.

Our trip to Margate's 'Turner Contemporary Gallery' to see the Textiles Exhibition 'Entangled' started on a beautiful sunny morning, which had evolved into a grey, cold, windy day by the time we had arrived at the Gallery's car park.  The crashing waves on the harbour just outside the gallery were awe inspiring, but we were all happy to enter the warmth of the Gallery.

For some of us, our first stop was the Gallery shop, usually something you do when you leave, but then again, for the rest of us, our first stop was in the cafe trying some of the lovely food they had on offer!
Margate harbour

Jean and Dawn (Pinkie) ready to get out of the cold wind!
John and Alex, quite happy out in the cold, like a couple of sea dogs.

A dramatic sea, well worth the cold to watch for a while!

Outside the Gallery, too cold to sit outside!
Denise one of our inspired Tutors, looking as if she always walks around with a dragon by her side.

Diana and I both liked this one, we wanted to make a coat out of it and wear it.

Like the sign said, this was an interactive installation, so we had fun interacting!

Jag looking beautiful in her installation hat.
Pinky looking like she's auditioning for a part as a hostage in a gangster film.
Alex looking like a seductive fisherman.

Karen looking totally Vogue!

No Fiona, it doesn't go with your bag!

There were many more wonderful exhibits that we were all inspired by, it was a great day that we all thoroughly enjoyed and we look forward to more visits to this superb gallery.
Written by Christie Cassisa.
Photos by Christie Cassisa.

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