Monday 28 September - Friday 23 October 2015

An example of the selection at Bexleyheath Library.

Our members who are exhibiting have overcome severe mental health difficulties, largely by being empowered through art. Tony Bennett, ‘a functioning alcoholic and drug addict’, credits Centrepieces with bringing ‘art back into my life’, to the extent that ‘the concentration and enjoyment I get helps keep out all the rubbish that’s in my head’. Georgina Bowen says her depression has been alleviated by her painting, revealing that ‘it has been very therapeutic for me, and very beneficial for my health and wellbeing’, while Barbara Anne French’s art ‘fills up my time and via my paintings I am transported into another world. A happier one’. Joan Sher comments that ‘in times of stress and worry I find it quite uplifting splashing around with very bright colours’, while Trevor Whiting sums up the whole ethos of Centrepieces by observing, ‘working alongside such a diverse and friendly group of artists… is helping me become more confident in both my own ability as an artist and my self-esteem.’

We are partly using the Bexleyheath exhibition to help publicise World Mental Health Day, which takes place on Saturday 10 October. This year, the World Health Organisation are raising awareness of what can be done to ensure that people with mental health conditions can continue to live with dignity, specifically through human rights orientated policy and law; training of health professionals; respect for informed consent to treatment; inclusion in decision-making processes and public information campaigns.

More of the art on display.
Centrepieces believes that effectively supporting people experiencing mental health problems is becoming one of the greatest public health challenges of our time. Stigmatising and discriminatory treatment can be particularly distressing when a person is experiencing a mental health crisis. By failing to treat people with mental health problems with dignity, we make it more difficult to ensure that everyone takes steps to safeguard their wellbeing and to seek help, as it can lead to self-stigma, low confidence, low self-esteem, withdrawal and social isolation.

Please support the Centrepieces exhibition in Bexleyheath library, as it’s a prime example of what people can achieve in an atmosphere of sympathy, encouragement and support.

List of Paintings and Artists

1.      Arrangement in blue No.18  Richard Jones
2.      Baby in the bulrushes  Martin Robinson
3.      Candle in the Wind  Martin Robinson
4.      The Milk Maid (after Vermeer) Georgina Bowen
5.      Cork Head  Tony Bennett
6.      Ever Watchful  Tony Bennett
7.      The 4 Cottages  Barbara French
8.      Togetherness  Barbara French
9.      Autumn Lake and Three Cows  Barbara French
10.  Clocks Barbara Cotter
11.  Being Set Up By Them (Part 1) Barbara Cotter
12.  Portal to Psychosis  Barbara Cotter
13.  God is Angry and She’s Black  Christie Cassisa
14.  Twilight  Christie Cassisa
15.  Mythical Monster  Steve Jones
16.  Metamorphosis  Peter Walmsley
17.  Liam Gallagher  Trevor Whiting
18.  Dog 1  Trevor Whiting
19.  Rainforest  Dawn Tomkins
20.  Coral  Dawn Tomkins
21.  Poem Concrete Mandala  Ann Cronin
22.  Lost Fennec Fox  Joan Scher
23.  The Lion and the Unicorn  Joan Scher
24.  Rhino  Joan Scher
25.  Julie  Libby Harris & Dave Salonia
26.  Priceless Jordan  Dawn Tomlin
27.  Caught   Dawn Tomlin
28.  Dinner Time  Dawn Tomlin
29.  Chain  Neil Butler
30.  Dungeness Boat  Neil Butler
31.  Clouds  Neil Butler
32.  I Like to Wobble  Alex Spendley
33.  Moss Side  Alex Spendley
34.  Wet Hare  Alex Spendley                  

If you go to the exhibition and are interested in purchasing any of the above, please contact us at Centrepieces.  

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